Friday, December 11, 2015

Mod 8 - Serious Gaming

I chose to play the game, Against All Odds. I played the game 3 times total. 

This game allows players to take on the role of a refugee to understand what it feels like and what life can be like for refugees. There are three different aspects of the game - you can play the part of running from prosecution in your own country, you can play the part of being in a new country and wondering if they will grant you asylum to stay there, and the last part you can play is once you've been granted asylum and dealing with the challenges that refugees face everyday. 
I would have students play this game and then write a story that compares and contrasts their own experiences in America to that of the refugees in the game. 
My performance indicators would be: 
Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5- Students identify and use reading and listening strategies to make text comprehensible and meaningful.

Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5- Students read, gather, view, listen to, organize, discuss, interpret, and analyze information related to academic content areas and various sources.

May Include - ESL.I.5- Sources such as nonfiction books for young adults, reference books, magazines, textbooks, the Internet, databases, audio and media presentations, oral interviews, charts, graphs, maps, and diagrams.
sing prior knowledge, graphic organizers, and context clues, planning, note taking, making inferences, questioning, exploring cognates and root words, and applying ideas to new settings or experiences.

Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5- Students compare, contrast, categorize, and synthesize to gain a deeper understanding of information and objects. 

I would assess if my objectives and indicators had been met by reading through my students compare/contrast stories. I would check to see if they included details and examples from the game to either compare their experiences or contrast their experiences. I would be looking more for the compare/contrast part of it rather than specific spelling and grammar issues - although I would still make note of those. 

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