Friday, December 11, 2015

Mod 7 - Post 2 - Casual Game

I decided to play the game - Phantasy Quest. In this game, the player is trapped on a desert island and must find a way to escape.

The player has the option to click on arrows to move their player around in the game. Each time the player clicks on an arrow and is taken somewhere, a text box pops up with directions or a prompt about what is going on.

I played the game about 10-15 times before I grew frustrated and gave up. After toying around with games of this kind, I realized that this is probably something I will never make my students do, unless they ask for the option to play. That being said....

My language performance indicator would be:

   Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5-
   Students read, gather, view, listen to, organize, discuss, interpret, and analyze information
   related to academic content areas and various sources.
This is because my students would be assessed based on their ability to read and interpret the text boxes throughout the game. 

The role that I would take as the teacher would simply be a facilitator. I would probably have my students in the computer lab or on iPads playing the game and after giving them directions and a brief walkthrough of the game, I would let them spend time playing and working through the game themselves. I would circulate the room to check on progress and answer any questions that students had. 

I would asses my learning objectives by asking my students to write a brief report on their progress in the game as well as a review of the game. Based on their report and their review, I would be able to tell whether the students were able to read the text boxes and progress through the game or not. 

In all honesty, however, it would be very hard for me to assign this type of activity considering how inept I am myself at these kinds of games!

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  1. These types of games don't appeal to me either, but for older elementary students there are some casual game that have more of a storyline and can be more interesting. Take a look at Innogames "Forge of Empires" for example.