Friday, December 11, 2015


I created a video on Animoto about the life cycle of a butterfly.

In flipped classroom fashion, I would post a link for my students to watch at home: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Students would be instructed to take notes and make sure to know what each stage of the cycle is.
Once in class, students would then be put into 4 groups - one for each stage of the cycle. The groups would then have time to look through readings and pictures about the life cycle of a butterfly and then they would have to present briefly on the stage of the life cycle that their group was assigned.

I would then talk about Animoto and give a lesson on how to use it. Students would then be instructed to pick an animal or a plant and then create their own Animoto video, similar to mine, about the life cycle of the animal or plant that they chose.

The performance indicator for this would be-

    Performance Indicator - ESL.I.5- 
    Students apply self-monitoring and self-correcting strategies for accurate language production
    and oral and written presentation, using established criteria for effective presentation of

I would assess their videos based on a rubric - was the animal/plant they chose clearly identified? Did they list each stage of that particular life cycle? Did they include appropriate pictures to show each stage?

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  1. The animoto clip you created was delightful. I also like that you plan to use a rubric for assessment. Good rubrics can cut down on subjectivity and provide students with both good guidelines before doing an activity and useful feedback on what they produced.