Monday, November 9, 2015

TedEd Lesson

Pasted above is the link to my Ted Lesson!

Target students: High/intermediate advanced students

Students will be able to discuss and define what response writing is.
Students will be able to write their own response essay based on a reading given in class.

Assessment: Students will partake in a brief discussion during class to review the Ted video lesson. At the end of the discuss students will write their "definition" or their thoughts on response writing and hand it in to the teacher. Students will then be given a short opinion piece to read and discuss with a partner, and they will then need to work together to write a 1 page response essay. 


  1. The links you provided for this lesson look useful, but for your multiple choice questions, you need to provide video hints for both questions.

  2. You also need to provide a link to the learning standards that correspond to the objectives you mentioned in your post.