Monday, October 19, 2015


I tried out the game, Word Bubbles. I played the game probably about 20 times, switching between the four different levels - toddler, kid, big kid, and grown up. 
This game involved users looking at a picture with floating letters around it. If the picture were of a cat, the letters C A T would be floating around separately. The user would have to click on the letters in the right order to spell the word correctly from left to right. 
When using this game in the classroom, the teacher would play a passive role, just going around the supervise and observe the students. This game could be a choice option during iPad time, or it could be used during a specific language block, such as spelling. The student would be active participants, as they would be playing individually with the iPad or on the computer. 
I definitely think that a walkthrough would be necessary for the game, especially for ELL's. A simple demonstration on the SmartBoard to model for the students how to play would work.
Performance indicators and objectives:
STANDARD 4: Students will listen, speak, read, and write in English for classroom and social interaction.
8. Negotiate and manage interactions to accomplish social and classroom tasks. (L, S)

Given a picture and the correct letters, students will be able to identify a picture and unscramble the letters to correctly spell the word that matches the picture.

By walking around the room to observe while students were playing, I would be able to track their progress and see how well they are doing. Players are not allowed to move on in the game if they can not correctly identify and spell the word. By seeing how many new words the student moved on to, I would be able to assess the performance indicators and objectives. 

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  1. The use of a smartboard for introducing this games sounds like a good idea.